Create RokGallery Gallery Page

Upload your images into RokGallery and tag them for a gallery as shown in the RokGallery Overview video.

Menu Item Gallery

  1. In the Menu Manager, create a menu item for RokGallery - Gallery View
  2. Choose your gallery and set the options for the gallery page and the detail page to your liking.
  3. You can choose to have Thumb Links To - Detail page.
  4. Or you can choose a pop-up slideshow type view by setting Thumb Links To - RokBox Album.

Gallery In Article

  1. To insert a gallery into an article, you must first go to Module Manager and create a RokGallery module.
  2. Choose your gallery and set the module options, either as a slideshow, showcase or grid. Set other options.
  3. Note the module ID number.
  4. In article, place the following code: [module-ID] in the position you want the gallery to appear.
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