3 Setup Your New Website - Customize Your Menu Print

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Your new website has many of the most used pages already in the menu. Follow the steps below to customize the menu for your organization.

  1. Go to Menus/Main Menu and see the list of your current menu items. All should be active with a green check mark.
  2. To Unpublish (disable) a menu item, simply click the green check mark, which will turn it to a red x. This is easily reversible, as clicking the red x will convert it to a green check. Unpublish the menu items that are not appropriate for your organization at this time.
  3. Occasionally what you see on the public website menu may have a different order then you see in the Menus/Main Menu. If this is the case, go to Components/Gantry 5 Themes, click on the top right Menu button.
  4. Drag and drop menu items into the order that you would like and Save. This Gantry 5 menu takes precedence over the order of the Main Menu.


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