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We will now setup the remaining particles and module on the home page outline of your choice. Make sure that you have your chosen home page outline (Home-"letter") selected in the upper left dropdown in Components/Gantry 5. You will want to edit the colored blocks, as those are the active ones. They will be different depending on which outline you chose to work with and if you have customized it from the preset. 

  1. We will go through the Slideshow particle to show how this is done. Click on the gear at the right.
  2. The Slider Items are at the bottom. Click on an item to change the Image, Title, Link and Link Text. 
  3. The upload image dialog within the particles do not allow you to resize and/or crop the images. You may use an external website to edit your images (such as https://pixlr.com/) or upload through the article  *Image Upload to an appropriate folder.
  4. The appropriate size for the Slideshow in the Genesis template is 1200 x 450 px. 
  5. All of the module positions on the home page have hyphens in the lowercase letters, such as daily-verse, whereas the particles have no hyphen.
  6. The particles are editing directly in Components/Gantry 5 whereas the modules are edited in Extensions/Modules.
  7. Some modules pull their information from other Components, such as RSEvents, RSMedia Gallery and Preachit. Your initial website will contain demo content from these components to help you see how they are setup.  Other Knowledge base articles will help you use these powerful components and their modules.



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